Sensei Jacques Legrand circa 1956

Sensei Legrand brought Judo to New Orleans in the form of the Louisiana Judo Club.

The dojo was located at 230 Burgundy St. in the French Quarter just behind the New Orleans Athletic Club.
Jacques study the
Kawaishi  judo system in Paris France. ( Mikonosuke Kawaishi was born in Kyoto in 1899. He studied Judo  - Jiu-jitsu at the Dai Nippon Butokukai (Greater Japan Association of Martial Virtue in Kyoto) Kawaishi came to believe that merely transplanting the teaching methods of Japan to the West was inappropriate. He developed an intuitive style of instruction and a numerical ordering of the techniques that he felt was more suitable for the occidental. This seemed to catch on in France and there was a rapid growth of interest in Judo. Jacques Legrand is a product of that very system and subsequently all of his students.  

Jacques start Judo at the age of 23. Jacques attended the Oda Judo Club in Paris France. His instructor was Raymond Sasia a 4th Dan and also the Chief of the National Police in Pairs. Jacques was awarded his 1st Dan in one and half years of Judo study. To pass the test for Black Belt in France in 1953 one had to perform the Nage no Kata, pass an oral and written test and also beat 5 black belts consecutively within a specified time.

Jacques in France 1948 at age 17

Top (R to L) Fred Gregory, Troy Hysmith, Dr. Macalusa, C. Smith, J. Smith

Bottom (L to R) Paul Legrand, Jacques Legrand, Vaules, Leon Szilers

L-R standing : Bruce Toups, Arthur Boe, Jacques, Bruce Volker, George Flanagan, Fred Colley, Tommy Hysmith

L-R kneeling: Billy Lahners, Joe the Grinder, his son, and Perrier Legrand  

Billy Lahners

L-R Billy Lahnern, Bruce Tupes. Jacques Lagrand, George Flanagan

Jacques demonstrating Hane goshi circa 1958

Jacques Legrand

 Click certificate

Jacques Legrand  Judan (10th Dan)

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